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Today Lumina Networks is launching through our acquisition of Brocade’s SDN Controller product family and the joining of its talented development and services engineers. We are truly thrilled about this new chapter and the opportunity to work with you.

Lumina is dedicated to the advancement of open software networks that give providers control over how they implement their ideas and priorities for change. We believe our job is to be the catalyst to bring open software networking out of the lab and into live networks, and we have the products and expertise to help our customers do just that.

As Lumina Networks, we will continue to provide the industry-leading Lumina SDN Controller, powered by OpenDaylight (ODL) along with our optional controller-based applications. As you may know, this solution offers a common, open platform for developers, giving providers direct control over their SDN development and implementation, thus eliminating vendor lock-in. What you may not realize is how widely deployed the ODL Controller is today, now supporting over 1 billion users worldwide.

In addition, we will also offer Lumina NetDev Services for organizations that wish to accelerate the implementation of their open software network and want to expand the skill set of their network engineering and operations team through hands-on experience. Our NetDev Services team of experts works with customers to jointly develop production systems using Agile methods to prototype and speed through proof-of-concept and pilot phases. The team’s expertise and willingness to work spans open source, Lumina products and any third-party products needed to achieve multi-vendor interworking.

This is a particularly gratifying day for me, having spent my last three years at Brocade, working alongside this outstanding team and developing what we believe to be a unique set of products and services. Learn more about why providers around the world are working with Lumina now and the principles we are committed to following to bring open software out of the lab and into the live network.

If this resonates with you, and you have a software networking project in the lab that you are ready to move to the live network, please reach out. Join our movement and get out of the lab today!