Using Open Source to Enable Network Evolution

Kevin Woods, VP, Product Management, Lumina Networks



The network core is ripe for disruption. While the industry migrates to 5G, SD-WAN, IOT, Mobile Edge Computing and other advanced networking technologies with exponentially increasing traffic levels, the core has remained relatively static.

The economics and deployment approach for existing core network technologies will not meet this coming demand.  “SD-Core”* is the application of use cases and software-defined networking technology to the meet the scalability and service agility requirements that service providers now need.

Lumina Networks’ unique approach to SD-CORE* defines a carrier-grade architecture and technology-set for deploying scalable MPLS and Segment Routing based networks using SDN and white box technologies, enabling network providers to evolve their core networks to SDN, while retaining the protocols, products and reliability of their existing networks.

*Note: SD-Core is now known as SD-Control.

Original article posted by TelecomTV. You can read it here.

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Lumina Networks believes the future is open software networks where service providers are in control of their development. Lumina is the catalyst that brings open software networking out of the lab and into the live network. We develop open source platforms and provide NetDev Services to jointly deliver production systems and to transfer know-how in Agile Software Development methods.

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