Investing in Open Source Business Models

Investing in Open Source Business Models

Interest in evaluating and investing in open source startups is on the rise again after a dip in the past couple of years. There is a huge shift toward using open source platforms, particularly in...

Neglected Factors in 5G-Network Slicing

Neglected Factors in 5G: Network Slicing

It may seem odd to long-time networkers that networking “slicing” is discussed extensively in relation to 5G deployment. After all, haven’t we been using VLAN, VPNs, VRFs and a whole host of ways...

Linux Foundation Announces New Networking Fund for Open Source

Linux Foundation Announces New Networking Fund for Open Source

Lumina Networks is proud to announce its Founding Gold-level membership for the Linux Foundation’s new networking fund. This is a major consolidation of LF’s networking projects into a larger...


Top 10 Things for New OpenDaylight Developers


Getting Started Upstream in OpenDaylight

Getting started as an upstream contributor to OpenDaylight is not easy. The controller ecosystem is big, there are many projects, and there are millions of lines of code. What is a new ODL...


Service Providers Are Betting on Open Source Software Networking

The service provider market is undergoing earth-shaking changes. These changes impact the way that applications for consumers and business users are deployed in the network and cloud as well as...

NetDevEMEA: OpenStack, OpenDaylight, & VTN Feature

Created by Miguel de Miguel Heredero on May 02, 2017 1 Introduction 2 Installing Brocade Software-Defined Networking Controller 3 Virtualbox configuration: 3.1 Download and install...