5G Transformation: Closer to the Start of the Journey than the Finish

It’s been five years since I collected with industry thought leaders in Reykjavik, in the cold and the dark of an Icelandic winter. In that first 2020 Executive Summit, we together laid-out the...


The Strange Case of the Hole in the 5G Core and the Missing Startups

Last week saw the Mobile World Congress event in Los Angeles – an industry jamboree to celebrate all things telecom and mobile. This year, however, behind the public announcements and excitement...


Rethinking Talent and Culture to Lay the Foundation for 5G


Unifying Orchestration of 5G Networks and Services

Behind the Closed 5G Doors-The Reality of Physical Legacy Resources in 5G Environments

Behind the Closed 5G Doors: The Reality of Physical Legacy Resources in 5G Environments

5 Make-or-Break Factors of 5G Success

5 Make-or-Break Factors of 5G Success

Autonomous vehicles. Gigabit wireless broadband. Massive Internet of Things (IoT) installations with real-time decision-making at the edge. We don’t need to rehash all the reasons why 5G is a big...

Coffee Chat-4 Executives, Mobile World Congress, and More

Coffee Chat: 4 Executives, Mobile World Congress, and More

Sometimes the most interesting conversations happen over a coffee. With that in mind, we gave four Lumina executives a cup of coffee and one goal - explore what’s coming at Mobile World Congress...

Mastering Agile Development-Debunking the Field of Dreams

Mastering Agile Development: Debunking the Field of Dreams

In my decades-long career as a developer and software architect, I have seen many projects, products, and companies come and go. I have always been struck by a repeated mistake that seems to be...

Neglected Factors in 5G-SDN-R & Wireless Transport SDN

Neglected Factors in 5G: SDN-R & Wireless Transport SDN

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concepts are alive and well in the indomitable march to 5G. Control plane to data plane separation, network programmability, and closed-loop automation techniques...

Neglected Factors in 5G-Network Slicing

Neglected Factors in 5G: Network Slicing

It may seem odd to long-time networkers that networking “slicing” is discussed extensively in relation to 5G deployment. After all, haven’t we been using VLAN, VPNs, VRFs and a whole host of ways...