Lumina SDN Controller Release: Keeping Pace with OpenDaylight

The industry has long identified the importance of open source in transforming to more agile, multi-vendor networks. Whether leveraging open source to regain control of network innovation and break vendor lock-in, or to enable multi-vendor capabilities and access community innovation, nearly all Service Providers are including open source as keystone to their transformation strategy. While there are many places open source can play a role in these next-generation networks, one of the most important is in the Network Control layer. By leveraging open source in this layer of the network, Service Providers are learning that it opens opportunities and flexibilities throughout other layers of the network. With standard-based open network control, Service Providers have the flexibility to deploy open source or proprietary solutions in other layers. It's with this in mind that Lumina Networks provides a hardened, pure-play distribution of OpenDaylight - the industries most deployed open source controller.

As leaders in the OpenDaylight community, Lumina is committed to upstreaming our solutions to the community while enabling community deployments. The most recent version of
OpenDaylight, Neon 10.3, was released in December of 2019. Today, Lumina announces that our Lumina SDN Controller is updated to support the latest Neon release.
We welcome you to learn more about the amazing progress of OpenDaylight and the LFN community by reading the 2019 Year In Review Report.
Lumina SDN Controller Release: Keeping Pace with OpenDaylight

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