Coffee Chat: 4 Executives, Mobile World Congress, and More

Sometimes the most interesting conversations happen over a coffee. With that in mind, we gave four Lumina executives a cup of coffee and one goal - explore what’s coming at Mobile World Congress (MWC). With that in mind, our team hashed out a few important trends we expect to see and highlighted how Lumina will be present to discuss them.

Andrew Coward, CEO:

“Perhaps no surprise 5G will be the only topic discussed at MWC, and while the hype and interest will be around the handsets, the dollars will be around the services and the new services that will be enabled by 5G. I’m talking about low latency services, IOT, and network slices to individual enterprises. To do that requires technology, integration, orchestration, and control. For us, that means SDN and the use of open source in driving and connecting all those different elements around the networks.”

Ben Hickey, CCO:

“That's great thanks, Andrew, I think what we are doing MWC with our partners is the perfect example of the power our open source networking solutions can bring. What is interesting here is that we aren’t confused about where we sit in this new open software networking stat. And by virtue of where we sit it's very clear that we must be able to integrate and work very nicely with both physical and the networking elements underneath as well as the multitude of different types of systems sitting on top. Openness and flexibility are really what we are going to show MWC.

With VMware (Booth 3M11) we will be demonstrating how we will be working with their flagship vCloud NFV platform to demonstrate application placement from the data centre across the wide-area network, with our controller being able to integrate with any physical networking elements. Together, the shared innovation will create network slices that are provisioned all the way down to the physical layer, providing the level of control the service providers need to offer the type of services Andrew just talked about.

Along with our other partner Noviflow (booth 7M21), will be demonstrating a multi-domain path computation solution. We will show services being provisioned across two environments simultaneously - one domain will have the best in class whitebox technology leveraging new Tofino chipsets tied together by our controller to the legacy BGP / MPLS network.  with services being provisioned across the two simultaneously.”

Iyappa (Ayyaps) Swaminathan, Director of Product Management:

We are very excited at Lumina to bring the transformation vision to life. How Exactly do we do it? We Build our products around 3 areas:

  1. The core is based on pureplay OpenDaylight, the most successful SDN controller of the industry. Lumina has a significant presence in the OpenDaylight community, we are able to leverage the community with our presence and offer a hardened version of the controller to our customers. The controller is one part of the puzzle, it solves the programmability problems for the greenfield networks. However, if we look at the industry it's not just greenfield, there are many brownfield elements, some support programming, some support programmable interfaces but use non-standard models.
  2. The missing puzzle piece - we marry the greenfield with the brownfield. We are very excited about our LEAP framework which is a microservices-based framework built around the Opendaylight Controller, this extends our solution from greenfield to hybrid and brownfield elements.
  3. Value-added applications help customers to realize end-to-end scenarios. We are excited to be working on a multitude of applications including solutions for flow management, path management, and service management.”

Edgar Lombera, VP of Technical Operations

“This is where the Lumina NetDev team comes in. Our mission is to make our customers successful with their digital transformation. We know that you can’t take SDN controllers and frameworks and applications and throw them in a box and make them work together. It requires an understanding of various technologies to really make all these products fit properly in a customer's network. Now, this is critical because building networks that use open source and software-based technologies are not like building networks in the past. It's a different philosophy; a different approach with different technologies are involved, and different operational processes. That's what NetDev services corrals to help you realize the business value of the investment in network technology.”

Andrew Coward, CEO:

“I don’t believe anyone thinks that open source isn’t the way forward for networks. Success, however, is about taking an open source project and having is actually solve real-world problems. At Lumina as we have worked with Tier 1 customers like AT&T and Verizon, where the success factor has been migrating services onto SDN and incorporating them in all the different products. We plan to spend our time at MWC with customers on the journey and make it as easy as possible as they make the transition. At the end of the day the automation of their services drives down operational costs monetization of hardware infrastructure, it drives down hardware costs and, despite the vast amount of money being spent on 5G, cost efficiency is at the heart of this transformation."

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