Brocade SDN Solutions Help Customers to Move to an Open, Reliable and Scalable Architecture

Brocade today announces the availability of the Brocade SDN Controller based on OpenDaylight’s Boron release that took place last week. Brocade SDN Controller is an open source architecture that’s fully tested, documented, and quality assured. We are the first vendor to commercially distribute OpenDaylight.

In the release of the Brocade SDN Controller 4.0, the engineers have fine-tuned the code in the OpenDaylight upstream by providing various scripts and tools to make it easier for the customers to utilize the functionality of high availability, backup, and restore with ease and keep the customer's environment up and running across geographies. This way it ensures that the customer SLAs are not disturbed.

The engineers have also developed the smarts wherein the customers can export the data file from the database of the older version and import it into the latest version while deploying the software. This enhances the ease of transition and upgrades to the latest versions with minimal error, thereby improving operational efficiency and productivity.

One of the greatest attestments to this is Brocade’s win at Arizona State University. Arizona State University ranked one of the "most innovative schools" by U.S. News & World Arizona State University (ASU)Report and has continued on its groundbreaking path by using software-defined networking tools developed by Brocade. At any given time at the university, there are 250 research projects that undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral students are working on. Many of the roughly 90,000 students on campus are also using mobile classroom tools.

Jay Etchings, Director of Research Computing at ASU, said in one of his interviews that they would like to see "at a moment's glance" if there is a problem on the network, in real-time. “Brocade was able to give us a package, and that package included some highly dense devices. Brocade was able to meet many, if not almost all, of our security requirements." ASU has deployed Brocade's MLXe Core Routers, SDN controller, and Brocade Flow Optimizer and achieved significant success. Etchings said "It’s a simple, easy-to-use interface, so that’s very nice for us," he said. "It requires less maintenance because we can give folks access to devices they need and not have to manage their accounts."

Read Brocade Press Release to get more details of the ASU win.

Brocade Flow Optimizer (BFO) helps improve business agility by streamlining SDN and existing network operations via policy-driven visibility and control of network flows. It provides distributed attack mitigation by programmatically sensing and clipping DDoS flows at router and switch ports. It extracts network-wide visibility of Layer 2 through Layer 4 traffic flows through sFlow and OpenFlow collected from network devices, delivering real-time control of flows (drop, meter, remark, mirror, normal forward) through OpenFlow rules pushed to the entire network for deterministic forwarding driven by policy. Customers can automate polices applied via an embedded UI or through open APIs.

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Originally Posted on the Brocade Community on 9/27/22016

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