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Rethinking Talent and Culture to Lay the Foundation for 5G

The Easiest Developer Productivity Measure of All – Not

The Easiest Developer Productivity Measure of All - Not!

Background: I work daily with large telecoms, helping them transform requirements into business value that is realized as software artifacts. It is hard to operate and thrive in the intersection...

Open Source 101-Where Should You Start

Open Source 101: Where Should You Start?

So you’ve decided to embrace open source in your organization. You’re sold on the big-picture benefits of open software: Eliminating vendor lock-in. Tapping the innovation and problem-solving...

Mastering Agile Development-Debunking the Field of Dreams

Mastering Agile Development: Debunking the Field of Dreams

In my decades-long career as a developer and software architect, I have seen many projects, products, and companies come and go. I have always been struck by a repeated mistake that seems to be...

Mastering Agile Development-Hercules in the Age of Agility

Mastering Agile Development: Hercules in the Age of Agility

I have been in the software development business for well over 25 years and have seen many successful and unsuccessful projects. The past 10 years have been on teams following Agile principles to...


Top 10 Things for New OpenDaylight Developers


Getting Started Upstream in OpenDaylight

Getting started as an upstream contributor to OpenDaylight is not easy. The controller ecosystem is big, there are many projects, and there are millions of lines of code. What is a new ODL...