The Strange Case of the Hole in the 5G Core and the Missing Startups

Last week saw the Mobile World Congress event in Los Angeles – an industry jamboree to celebrate all things telecom and mobile. This year, however, behind the public announcements and excitement...


Getting Your Head Out of the Labs: SDN PoC to Deployment

Service Providers know what’s coming down the road; Network Automation to create composable infrastructure using Software-Defined Networking and Programmable Data Planes. The past five years have...

Lumina Partner Program Launches to Accelerate Service Provider Network Transformation

Los Angeles, Calif. -- October 22, 2019 -- At Mobile World Congress North America, Lumina Networks, the #1 commercially-deployed OpenDaylight vendor, today announced the launch of the Lumina Partner...


Rethinking Talent and Culture to Lay the Foundation for 5G


Lumina Networks Announces Intent-Based Service Automation Solution

ANTWERP, Belgium, Sept. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at Open Networking Summit (ONS) Europe, Lumina Networks, an open source networking company, announces the release of their Intent-Based...


Open Standards and Open Source: Feeding the Virtuous Circle



Open Source SDN Control: To DIY or NOT to DIY

In the world of networking, the landscape for Software-Defined Controllers is changing. The industry is moving away from pre-integrated hardware/software solutions with proprietary control and...


Inside OpenDaylight: Unveiling Common Misconceptions

As a TSC member and long-time committer, I’ve fielded many misconceptions from throughout the ecosystem about OpenDaylight. In this blog, I’ll address a few of them to help the ecosystem...


Unifying Orchestration of 5G Networks and Services


Behind the Closed 5G Doors-The Reality of Physical Legacy Resources in 5G Environments

Behind the Closed 5G Doors: The Reality of Physical Legacy Resources in 5G Environments